Inspired by Cricket Life, Project CCC is a free-to-play Cricket Game to be available soon on Android & iOS Platforms.

By Invitation Only. Get Ready for CCC on Android.

To get access to the game, you'll need an invitation from an existing invitee from within the game. (If you have already signed-up previously for any update on Cricket Life, you will be automatically invited).


Frequently asked Questions about Project CCC

When will the game be available to play?

April 29, 2016. Project CCC is now officially called Cricket Life : CCC Edition. If you are on our mailing list as on May 2, 2016, you will automatically get an invitation. After May 2, 2016, you will have to be invited by someone who has access to CCC in order to play the game.

Game play modes

At the beginning, one country will be available to play. Every week, we will unlock at least one extra country. Likewise, the game has unlockable modes and features that will be enabled as you progress.

How is this game different than the full version of Cricket Life?

Project CCC is a casual free-to-play game while Cricket Life is a more advanced game with complex features. Project CCC is an evolving game, that will see features being unlocked and gameplay modes added as time progresses.

How do I contact the developer about this game?

For inquiries related to Cricket Life or Project CCC, please email: